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My Child Doesn’t Like Milk, Now What?!

Guest post by Amanda,

Ever since my daughter was weaned off of the bottle, I have struggled with finding creative ways to get milk into her. She gags on plain milk, she chokes down flavoured milk and even putting milk in her cereal can be a struggle to get down.

Here are my ideas for getting calcium into my daughter:

  • baking with milk (muffins, bread etc.)
  • adding extra powdered milk to pancakes, muffins, bread
  • adding powdered milk to yogurt for an added calcium boost
  • making hot cereal with milk instead of water
  • smoothies
  • calcium fortified orange juice
  • bake with almond flour

One of our favourite things to eat as a snack around here are smoothies. Not only are they super nutritious with vitamins and healthy goodness from the fruits and added spinach, but they are also an excellent way to ensure that my daughter is getting her daily intake of calcium!

Single Serving Smoothie Recipe
Fruit Smoothie


  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup yogurt (use Greek for added protein)
  • handful of berries (can be fresh or frozen)
  • 1/2 banana
  • small handful of baby spinach


Fruit Smoothie

Add all ingredients to a blender and mix well until smooth. You can also use a hand blender if you have one, they make making smoothies very fast and convenient.

What tips can you share for getting calcium into a child?

Amanda from Multi-Testing Mommy is a creative Mom to two young children. In her spare time, she loves to bake, paper craft and organize. She also co-authors Canadian Moms Cook where you can find recipes that have been tested out by real Canadian families.

Alexa Nernberg

Tuesday 10th of December 2013

I like your ideas Amanda. I must admit that I hate milk. When the other kids were drinking milk, I was drinking water, I also like cheese, milkshakes, yogurt, smoothies,etc. I just can't drink milk by itself or with flavoured powders, but having said that I do like hot chocolate or hot cocoa with milk. I'm sure your daughter will be fine and will find her own inventive things to get her calcium, as she grows older

Deb Dorrington

Tuesday 28th of May 2013

My oldest son never liked milk and it is always a struggle to make sure he gets enough calcium. Thankfully he loves cheese and all of the leafy green veggies. Making sure he drinks fortified orange juice and eating cereals like Total helps.


Tuesday 28th of May 2013

I have never liked milk, have never drunk it since school where we had no choice but to drink it, but I love plain Greek yogurt (no geletin) and cheese so that helps with my calcium intake


Tuesday 28th of May 2013

Funny I have the same problem with my 3 kids after weaning them. I do everything you list but I also add powdered milk to their apple sauce (if they ever get apple sauce at a friends house they will definitely wonder about it ;)

Jaime Brown

Tuesday 28th of May 2013

I used to get my girls to help make their cereal by pouring the milk, and putting a drop of chocolate milk syrup( just a little bit) and then they would stir it then they loved it, and gave me a chance to over time take out the chocolate. Both of my girls are in their teens now and still love milk. But there a lot of great tips in these comments:)