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Protect Your Child with Banana Boat! $50 Visa Gift Card #Giveaway {CAN}

Water Girl

Yesterday we were outside in the sun for 1 1/2 hours.  Later on in the evening, my husband said to me “Dear, your neck is a bit on the pink side.  Looks like you got a small burn.”  We are generally pretty religious with putting sunscreen on our bodies before we go out, but it was partly cloudy, and I knew we would be outside for less than 2 hours total, so I didn’t think to put sunscreen on.  But if MY skin is that sensitive to the sun, my kids’ skin must be even MORE sensitive to the sun.

The *NEW* Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion has an SPF of 50 and is perfect for long days at the beach or just running around town for a couple of hours.

Banana Boat

Banana Boat® Natural Reflect™ Kids sunscreen lotion provides the clinically proven protection mom loves, but is gentle enough for the most delicate – and sometimes finicky – skin.  The Natural Reflect™ Kids sunscreen lotion provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, yet is Paraben, PABA and Oxybenzone-free, so parents can feel comfortable applying it on their kids.  The pediatrician-tested sunscreen, made from 100% naturally sourced sunscreen ingredients, is also water resistant allowing for a tear- and sting-free sunscreen experience.

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Want to WIN your very own bottle of Banana Boat® Natural Reflect™ Kids sunscreen lotion AND a $50 Visa Gift Card??  Here is your chance!

The first 25 people to fill out the Banana Boat Sunscreen form (below) will receive their own bottle of Banana Boat® Natural Reflect™ Kids sunscreen lotion.  Once you receive your sunscreen, we ask that you give us your own review of the razor by commenting ON THIS POST.  Out of those 25 winners who send us your review, we will choose 1 person  to receive a $50 Visa Gift Card!

**Open to Canadian residents ONLY**

*****Due to an overwhelming response, all 25 Banana Boat sunscreens have been scooped up.

A big THANK YOU to our Mommy Moment readers who play a huge role in making our blog a success!

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michelle b

Friday 12th of July 2013

This was great at protecting my kids skin while out at the spray pad for the day. It was super thick which surprised me as I usually use a spray sun screen so it took a while to get use to it. The sunscreen did rub in very nicely and the kids weren't sticky feeling afterwards which was nice while they were running in and out of the water to the playground. There was no overpowering smell which I find after using the spray bottle. Lastly, it didn't irritated my daughters uber sensitive skin which was the best part of the sunscreen!

Nancy L

Friday 5th of July 2013

This is a great product. My son has a number of auto-immune issues and suffers from severe eczema. The medication we use to treat the eczema causes causes his skin to be extremely sensitive to sunlight. This sunscreen one of only a small handful that he doesn't have an allergic reaction to. It was also truly sting free on his extremely sensitive skin. And the best part was that one application lasted through water play, allowing us to really enjoy being out in the splash park without having to argue about needing more sunscreen. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

diane king

Tuesday 2nd of July 2013

We love the Natural Reflect Kids sunscreen lotion. It really did a great job on our skin. This SPF 50 protected our sensitive skins from the hot sun with really great results. I really enjoyed using this products because of the naturally sources sunscreen ingredients. Very thick lotion that didn't do a mess all over with no funny smells. It lasted for most of the day without sunburn. Thank you!!!! I would greatly recommend this product to friends, family and everyone.


Friday 28th of June 2013

Thank you for sending me the new Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen SPF 50 to try out! What I really loved first and foremost was the high SPF and it's naturally sources sunscreen ingredients. I loved how it was odor free - didn't smell .. well, smelly like other sunscreens. Like others have said, it is a very thick lotion - takes a lot to rub in but it does get absorbed, eventually, and it's not greasy or sticky at all. However, thick it may be, but it did not disappoint. I slathered it on some of our camp kids and they were running around, sweaty, gross and I didn't even need to reapply. And with their sweat, it didn't run down their face and sting their eyes! I even used it on my ears and hair part where I normally burn - and it wasn't greasy at all, and best of all, my skin was as pale as it was when I started! I'll definitely be recommending this to my sister and her new nephew as I saw Banana Boat also has a baby formula. I'll also be buying the Stick Formula for me for my ears, nose, lips and face.. and part! i wish it would come in a spray though - it seems I went though a lot of the lotion quicker than my normal spray SPF. Thanks again!

Chrysta Archer

Thursday 27th of June 2013

I love Banana Boat products and the new Natural Reflect for kids did not disappoint. I was initially impressed with it's high SPF and the fact that it claimed to be a natural product. I did find that this particular lotion took extra time to apply to my kids compared to the spray we normally use, however, it had the most amazing coverage. The Natural Reflect fully absorbed and stayed on all day...even after a water fight! My children were fully protected with this product and I will definitely be using it again during our summer vaction!