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Why does date night have to cost so much?

It’s hard to plan special evenings or outings with your significant other when you don’t have the extra cash to dish out – especially if you are paying for a babysitter or are trying to pay off large loans and bills.

Are you finding date night to be out of reach financially?

Cheap Frugal Free Date Night Ideas


Go Geocaching

Geocaching allows you (or rather forces you) to work together as a couple to find a hidden object.

Spend some time at the Library

Each of you should pick one of your favorite books (make it fun and find your favorite children’s book!) and read it together.

Puzzle together 

Visit your local thrift store and find a cheap puzzle. Spend some time together putting the pieces together.

Walk to a local ice cream shop

Walking there and back to the ice cream shop will give you time to talk just enjoy being together.

Head to the park 

If you are adventurous, find all the little parks in your town and take pictures of you as a couple on every swing or slide.

Play a board game 

When my husband and I were first married, we went to a local store and picked out a new children’s board game to play once a month (now our kids are enjoying those same games!)

Take in a local minor sporting event 

Whether it’s hockey, baseball or football, find out where the minor sports teams are playing and watch a game.

Get your picture taken with the mascot!

Tour open houses 

Dream together as you walk through the houses envisioning what you would change and what you would keep.

At home spa date 

Check your local dollar store for soaps and lotions and pamper yourselves at home.

Have a fondue party for 2 

Try this delicious Chocolate Fondue recipe with fruit and cake.

Feed each other by candlelight to add a little more romance.

Head to the driving range 

Share a bucket of balls and see who can shoot the farthest, straightest etc.

Go for a run 

For those athletic types, going for a run is a great way to spend some quality time – plus you’re staying healthy!

Go out for lunch 

Try going out for a meal on your lunch break while the kids are in school.

You won’t need to pay for a sitter and many restaurants have lunch specials you can take advantage of.

If date night feels out of reach financially, you are NOT alone!

Check out this Ratesupermarket survey which shows the top reasons why Canadians cannot afford date night and tips to make date night a reality!

Here’s a great e-book full of 175 BEST DATE IDEAS!

Best Date Ideas

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sabina edwards

Thursday 11th of February 2016

well once it gets into the plus temps, we'll be both outside working on the yard and garden ...a time we both look forward to, or in the shop making up some new wood stuff!! in the meantime I think at our age, we spend more time NAPPING together lol (but when the snoring over on the couch gets too loud I leave for the computer room !!!

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Friday 12th of February 2016

Oh Angie, this makes me smile, it is so great when you get to the stage in life where you can just enjoy the little things!

Carole D

Thursday 11th of February 2016

Thank you for sharing! I love these date night idea. I especially like the park one! I enjoy going to the park and play (with my granddaughter) I would love it with my husband! I like adventure.