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Win PÜR Gum for a year

Product Moment:

aspartame free gum

PÜR Gum is the #1 selling aspartame-free better tasting, long-lasting gum. Now there’s a great tasting gum made especially for people who are looking for a healthy alternative to aspartame-free chewing gum.

Made in Switzerland, PÜR Gum gives YOU the highest standard of chewing gum on the market (because we care just that much!!) Wait, there’s more…Infused with antioxidants, PÜR is naturally coloured and flavoured, vegan friendly, free of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and gluten-free.

Mommy Moment:

aspartame free gum

I am allergic to aspartame.

I love chewing gum.

I have read every single gum label while standing in line at the grocery store and have never found a gum that I could have.  I have bought some gum from local health food stores, but I found that the flavor never lasted. I was so excited to try out PÜR gum. I got 3 different flavors to try: Peppermint, Pomegranate Mint and Spearmint. I’m happy to say that the flavor lasts a LONG time…way longer than any other aspartame free gum I’ve tried. My favorite flavor would have to be the Pomegranate Mint. It has the perfect amount of pomegranate taste when you pop in in your mouth, and the mint is very refreshing! PÜR Gum is also available in eXcitemint flavor…I hope to try that one soon too.

PÜR Gum is sweetened with Xylitol, a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol found in corn cobs and stalks which a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. I’ve heard that Xylitol is also great for oral heath, so that is a bonus for me. My girls, ages 3 and 5 love gum, but I always worried about giving them gum with Aspartame. I feel confident letting them chew PÜR Gum. They both just had visits to the dentist… all that regular brushing teamed with chewing PÜR Gum has been worth it ~ no cavities!

Giveaway Moment:

1 lucky Mommy Moment™ reader will win PÜR Gum for a year (ARV $60)
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PÜR Gum challenges YOU to KICK ASPARTAME!

aspartame-free gum

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Sunday 21st of August 2011

I have a family full of gum chewers that this could make very happy :)

Debbie jackson

Saturday 20th of August 2011

love the idea of healthygum Debbie Jackson djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

pamela barton

Saturday 20th of August 2011

I would love to win pur gum for a year because me and my family all love gum and this would definately save us some money.

victoria lester

Monday 15th of August 2011

I'd like to win the giveaway because I'd like to try the peppermint PUR gum. momsholidaycooking at gmail dot com

janice pollard

Monday 15th of August 2011

I want to win PUR gum for a year because it is safe for the kids to chew. janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com