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There are many things I love about being a parent and surprisingly enough, making my kids’ school lunches is one of them.

This may sound ridiculous to some because it can be such a chore to pack lunches they will actually eat, but it is actually rewarding to me.

There are several reasons why I love making my kids’ school lunches.


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You see, I find making my kids’ school lunches to be somewhat fun.

I can cut their food items into cute little shapes with cookie cutters.

I can send them loving lunch box notes.

I can surprise them with home-baked treats.

The sky is the limit and the rewards are exponential.

When the kids come home after school expressing their gratitude for the time and love I put into crafting their lunches, it makes all the hard work worth it.

It is incredibly rewarding.

They are grateful and I feel as though I have done something out of this world.

Another reason I love making their school lunches is because they look forward to them.

They love the surprise of what is inside waiting for them each day at school. It gives them a little piece of home to take with them every day. A little piece of comfort. A reminder that I love them so much.

They look forward to seeing what the notes I pack are, they look forward to seeing if they got a special treat, they actually look forward to eating their lunches because I love putting in the effort.

While making lunches is time-consuming, and takes a lot of work and thought, this is just part of the way I show my kids how much I love them.

I know they are getting hearty, healthy, nutritious meals at school that will help keep them going all day.

I know that they are reading the notes and being reminded of how much they are loved.

I love making my kids’ school lunches. I love all the work it takes. I love the reward and most of all I love that they love them.

Now that my girls are a little older (one in middle school and the other in high school), they help make their lunches.

We don’t often use the cookie cutters any more, but rolled up meat and berries in cute containers are still quite common.

Both girls still love the notes that I sneak in their lunches every once in a while.

Although my children don’t “need” to me to cut their cucumbers into stars or their sandwiches into triangles, I still love making their lunches alongside them.

One day, my children won’t need me.

Today is not that day.

Today I love this time we have making school lunches – together!

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