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Dear Teacher,

Leaving my children entrusted to someone else for hours a day is hard for me.

I want to ensure that they are with a kind and loving person, being taken care of.

Being heard.

I want to make sure that they are learning what they need to be learning but mostly, I want them to feel loved for who they are.

Thanks to you, they get that.

You work so hard, and I am sure you do not often get the thanks that you should.

I want you to know how grateful I am. I want you to know how wonderful you are.


Thank you for recognizing when my children need extra focus from you.

Thank you for always being kind and sincere.

Thank you for making sure that you always send my kids home with a full love tank.

Thank you for always pushing my kids to do the difficult things and knowing when to take a step back.

Thank you for teaching them the importance of being kind, and facilitating my teachings of manners, sharing, and responsibility.

Thank you for the endless hours that you spend planning class parties, the millions of times you gave up your own personal time to focus on my kids and the focus you have on their wellbeing.

I want to thank you for spending so much time teaching my kids the power of accountability.

For helping them in times of need.

For giving them a teacher to look forward to seeing every single day.

As a parent, I notice just how much work you have put into all the children and their environment. I see the extra supplies you purchase; I notice the unpaid hours you have spent on the school; I know you sacrifice a lot and I appreciate it.

Thank you for everything.

The truth is, I can not even tell you all the things that you have done for my kids.

I can not even go through the immense amount of love, time and patience you have devoted to my children.

I know just how special you are.

Dear Teacher, thank you for everything.

Thank you for all of it.

Thank you for your selflessness.

Thank you.

I can not say it enough. You are valued.


An extremely thankful mother

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