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Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Valentine's Day Nail Art

February 14 is approaching fast so I decided to share a Valentine’s Day Nail Art design with you to get into the mood.

There are a lot of things that represent Valentine’s Day but I decided to stick with the basics: pink, red, white and hearts.  Valentine’s is such a fun holiday and I loved creating a design that fit it perfectly.

  • It doesn’t matter what shade of pink you have, just pick your favourite and start painting! Make sure you leave enough time in between your first and second coats of paint so bubbles don’t appear in your polish once your nails start to dry. I used Coral Reef by Sally Hansen, which isn’t technically pink but it works all the same!
  • Then take your white and remove most of the polish from the brush. This is important because if there is too much polish on the brush it will completely cover up the pink.  We want it to look more like a shatter nail polish.
  • Stroke the white across your pink coat in any direction you want. Try not to make it look the same on every nail. Make some white cover the whole nails and some nails with white just in the corner. This will make your design more interesting to look at.
  • Next, get out your red thin tip and create the hearts. The hearts can be tricky to make at first, but I suggest moving your nail around to make the best possible angle to paint at.
  • Now just add your top coat after your design has had a bit of time to dry and your nails are Valentine’s ready!

Valentine's Day Nail Art

Meg's NailsMegan is a 16 year old student, in grade 10. Her passion for nail art started at around age 11 but she never got into doing designs until this last summer when she and her family moved to Steinbach. Megan loves trying new designs out on her nails and sharing them with the people around her. She would love to pursue a nail career after grade 12 and enjoys having her own private ‘salon’ (Meg’s Nails) in her basement while still in school.


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Debbie White Beattie

Thursday 29th of December 2016

I don't know how she comes up with all her ideas but this is another great one. I like how she did a swipe of white so the hearts show up.


Wednesday 5th of February 2014

they look amazing and so adorable for love day

Nena Sinclair

Sunday 2nd of February 2014

Very appropriate for Valentine's Day! Great job, Megan!

Cheryl Almas

Sunday 2nd of February 2014

This looks great.

Debbie W

Saturday 1st of February 2014

I wish I had time to do this. Maybe I will just do something special on my pinkie.