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The faces behind some amazing Mommy Bloggers!

First of all I have to say Thank-you to everyone who left comments on my #kidsCBC tweet-up post. Doris left a comment asking me if I had more pictures of bloggers, so this post is for her and all of you who want to see the beautiful faces behind some wonderful Mommy blogs.

In this first picture we will start with me (the one with the side of my face cropped out). I am from Mommy Moment. Just below me towards the back we have Tammi from My Organized Chaos. Right in the front (bottom) we have the gorgeous Lynette from My Wee View and beside her we have the super smile from Shannon who blogs at Shasher’s Life. In the back, top center is Holly from Common Cents Mom.

Mommy Blogger ©

Ok, moving on… Here we have the beautiful blond Maria from Bored Mommy and the stunning Ann-Marie from momstown. In the back you will see the pretty long haired mama Wendy from Mapsgirl. You will also see the back view of the sweet Christy from Freckles the Mom and again on the far back side Common Cents Mom.


Beautiful Bloggers ©

Ready for another picture? So again we have me, Lynette, Wendy, Anne-Marie. Then you will see the front side of the beautiful Christy and in the far back we have Rebecca, with the great smile & dangle earrings, from a little bit of mom sense. There are 2 other beautiful women in the back, one from CBC and one other beautiful mommy blogger, but I can not seem to recall her name, I think it may be Sandy from Oh Baby! Magazine. Help me out if you know please.


Smiling Mommy Bloggers ©

Moving on…Front and center we have Tamara from Wonder Moms. Again I am not sure who is beside her with her back facing this way, but the lady with the fabulous curls is Alison from Nummies, beside her is once again Rebecca, and again in the pink is Ann-Marie. In the far back the 2 center ladies are again sandy and the one looking straight down at her phone is the gorgeous Maria from A Mother World.

kidsCBC tweet-up ©

I know I did not get pictures of everyone, and the quality of the pictures is alright since they were all taken with my iPhone, but I hope you enjoy meeting the beautiful faces behind some amazing Mommy blogs!

I loved meeting all the amazing women. Canada should be PROUD!


Thursday 21st of April 2011

someday I will make it to a blogger gathering. Looks like it was a blast. I enjoy seeing the faces behind the words.


Monday 18th of April 2011

Great post! I love putting faces with names. I'm going to Blog Her in San Diego in August so I'm sure I'll be posting pics like this too!


PS. Visiting from the Alexa Hop


Wednesday 13th of April 2011

great shots of some awesome mommy bloggers Jode


Wednesday 13th of April 2011

Thanks Jennifer! One day I'll get a post with YOU!!

Darcy @ Tales From the Nursery

Wednesday 13th of April 2011

How nice to share! :) Dropping by on the Alexa hop!


Wednesday 13th of April 2011

This is such a fun post! Looks like a great time!

Just stopping by from the Alexa hop!