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The Earth Goes Around The Sun

My own children are really into their birthdays. Lately, it has a lot more to do with the passage of time than the typical cake, ice cream, and gift routine (which is awesome, too!). My oldest is talking about her life so far. I think watching her little sisters mature so quickly is bringing up her own toddler memories.  She recently asked if we can make a sun as a craft, just like school. I considered buying this beautiful celebration sun, but instead opted to craft our own as a family.

Creating Sun

I took an old fish bowl, some glue, liquid watercolors, and some coffee filters out for the creation. They cut up the coffee filters into tiny squares, and then glue/painted them directly to the glass. It was messy, but most good things are! I made cards for each month to encircle our handmade candle holder. Each birthday, we will walk about the sun holding a globe, once for each year, to signify the passing of a year. We look forward to our birthday celebrations at home, a wonderful way to look back at each year and recognize growth.
Celebration Sun

During each orbit around the sun, we sing (I’ve seen it done to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell):

The Earth Goes Around The Sun

The Earth Goes Around The Sun

12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days in a year.

And (child’s name) turns one…

We leave the candle lit (at home with toddlers I use a battery candle) the entire birthday, making a wish before bedtime or at sunset.  There’s always cake and ice cream, but we love the magic of a Montessori birthday, too!

Night Candle

Written by Jessie Beerman, M. Ed, from The Education of Ours,

a blog about Montessori Education for the home.

Jessie is a proud mom to three daughters, and a Montessori Teacher

who dabbles in writing, art, and yoga.


Wednesday 15th of June 2011

That's such a beautiful lesson. Thanks for sharing.


Friday 15th of April 2011

How sweet - I love the candle. :)

Lori@montessori MOMents

Tuesday 12th of April 2011

What a wonderful way to celebrate birthdays the Montessori way. I will definitely be adding this to our birthday celebrations. Thanks for the beautiful post! One of the best ones I've read lately. :)


Tuesday 12th of April 2011

Love it!

Jessie, Education of Ours

Monday 11th of April 2011

I should add that one the back of the month, I numbered each for control of error.

Thanks for your comments!