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Easy No-Bake Christmas Treats

No-Bake Christmas Treats!!! There is nothing more simple and festive (and delicious!) than coating some of your favorite treats in chocolate! I used rolled wafers, Oreos and Biscotti to make these no-bake Christmas treats. Oh Yum! The options are endless with your favorite cookies or pretzels. Be creative, have fun! Coat your treat of choice in …

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Peppernuts Recipe {Pfeffernüsse/Päpanät}

Growing up in Southern Manitoba I can not remember a Christmas without peppernuts , sometimes known by the name Pfeffernüsse or päpanät as I knew them. What are peppernuts? They are small, round, spiced cookies that are absolutely delicious! Here is the recipe that I make, it looks like it makes a lot, but let …

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