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Summertime Memories #FisherPriceMoms

Hello summer time.  The kids are out of school and driving you crazy.  So what is a sane parent to do…kick them outside of course.  Our yard is a bit of a children’s paradise and as such I find a lot of the neighbourhood children come to play.  Here is a sample of what happens in our back yard.

Our playhouse is more than just an ordinary playhouse.  To our children it is a real house, complete with kitchen.  We have tons of play food available to the kids, however one thing they love to do is make a pretend lunch in their kitchen and cart it away in their Fisher Price Picnic Basket (or lunch box as they call it).  They will often play restaurant and have orders ready for pickup in their basket and take it away for the lunch guests.

Another fun activity that never gets old in our yard, that is very cost effective in the summer heat is the sprinkler.  We all have fond memories of jumping in sprinklers when we were younger and I want to bless my children with the same memories that I had.  And of course the best way to finish off a run in the sprinkler is an ice cold freezy.  What are some of your inexpensive childhood memories that you are passing down?

Fisher price would also like you to take notice of their new Deluxe Sporty Diaper Backpack.  This diaper bag is great for that on the go mom with adjustable shoulder straps and convenient labelled pouches for all your baby paraphernalia.  They even incorporated a wipes container on the side for very easy access.  All moms know how handy it can be to have wipes available at a moment’s notice without having to dig and search through a plethora of baby stuff.  Good thinking Fisher Price!

Continue to enjoy your summer everyone, but more importantly enjoy the time with your children.

“Disclosure:  I am a Fisher-Price Mom and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”