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Throwing a baby shower for someone you love can be an extremely exciting time.

With so many details to pay attention to, it can be easy to forget the small things.

From the food to the decorations, it is important to remember the details.

This is where baby shower games come in.

pregnant woman with balloons and streamers


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Baby shower games are important to the entertainment and enjoyment of both the attendees and the mother to be, so you will want to make sure you have a few good ones planned.

If you find yourself lacking ideas for games to play, that’s ok. Just get some simple baby shower games organized for everyone to participate in.


When guests start to arrive, adorn them with a necklace with a soother on it.

Once everyone has arrived at the baby shower, make the rules very clear.

No one can say the word “baby” until the end of the shower.

If a guest hears another guest say the magic word, they steal the offender’s necklace.

At the end of the shower, the person with the most necklaces wins!


Give each guest a paper plate and a pencil and instruct them to draw a baby face on the plate.

The real challenge?

They must put the plate on their heads when they draw.

Not only is this hilarious to watch, but the drawings will give everyone a good laugh.


Divide your guests into equal teams.

Using a roll of toilet paper, they must wrap a member of their team in a diaper like fashion.

The team with the best giant diapered baby wins.

pregnant woman with balloons and streamers


Pass around a spool of ribbon and scissors.

Have each guest take turns to cut off the length of string they believe will comfortably wrap around the mom’s stomach.

Once everyone has their own piece of string, each person tries to see if it fits on mom’s tummy.

Whoever comes closest to the perfect fit, wins.


Often when you are in the throes of changing a diaper, you don’t have time to walk to the garbage can and you just toss it in.

Have each guest take a turn throwing diapers towards an empty garbage can, the closest throw wins.

There are several simple baby shower games to play at your next baby shower. Just get creative and have some fun.

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Tara Gauthier

Friday 11th of January 2019

These are all great games! We played the one where try not to say word baby but used clothes pegs that clipped to our shirts. Had a blast.


Thursday 10th of January 2019

fun games! i always get caught saying the word 'baby'! it's so hard not to do that at a baby shower! ;-)


Monday 7th of January 2019

Great baby shower games. I really like the baby word one as it can be played the entire shower.