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ShesConnected Conference #SCCTO ~ My Experience {Linky}

She's Connected Conference : Mommy MomentI spent a few days this past week at the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto. A huge thank-you to the brands who put on this event and to my personal sponsor who made it become a reality.

I have spent the day reflecting on my thoughts from this conference and I still am not quite sure how to put my experience into words. My purpose and goals of going into the conference were to:

  • Connect with brands
  • Learn from other digital women
  • Encourage and really connect with every beautiful lady there.

Here is how I did at meeting my goals…

Connect with Brands:

I was so impressed by the amazing brand sponsors that were at the conference.

Sheryl Connelly, Futurist for Ford Motor Company, was a great Keynote to kick off the ShesConnected Conference. She was very engaged and set the day off to a great start.
Ammar Kahn, the Social Media Manager of Ford Motor Company truly lives up to his personal Twitter (@ammar_ammar) bio “Relationship Builder”. He was very personal and even got involved with the mid day Booty Camp Fitness exercises. I have no trouble saying that Ford Canada is a brand that really understands the importance of social media and they do it well!

I was pleasantly surprised at how most of the sponsors truly engaged with the digital women. It was great to see.

Brands at ShesConnected

Learn from other Digital Women: 

I would have to say that I learned the most from Elisa Camhort Page, the co-founder of Blogher who was the Keynote on Saturday. She told her story and made me realize how each of us has a story that is worth sharing. It makes us who we are.

Not all the panels were what I expected them to be, but I did come away knowing more than what I went in knowing, which means I met this goal as well.

I found a lot of the learning also came from the connections out of the sessions through having fun and networking.

Encourage and really connect with every beautiful lady there:

What can I say? I set high expectations for myself. Although I did not personally meet every single woman there. I know that I tried my best and I know that many of the connections I made were meaningful to me, and others.

Here are some pictures from the event.

ShesConnected Conference : Mommy MomentShesConnected Conference : Mommy MomentI really did have an amazing experience. I am glad that I listened to my heart and went with an open mind. I truly came away without any regrets. I believe that we get out what we put in.
Were you at the ShesConnected Conference? Did you write about it?


Monday 3rd of October 2011

You are so fun! I loved meeting you - a complete privilege. Keep in touch.

Ammar Khan

Monday 3rd of October 2011

Thanks for the shout out! It was great meeting you in person and I am glad you enjoyed your time at the conference.


Monday 3rd of October 2011

great post, you'll have to send me the photo of us together, I don't have one! :(