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Get a Close Shave with the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor and $100 Visa Gift Card #Giveaway {Can Only}

Finding a razor that gives you the close, smooth shave you as a woman want, without the nicks and bumps that often accompany shaving can be a difficult search. But I have found a razor that gives you ALL that and leaves your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated!

A couple of years ago, when I was at the store buying other feminine products, I found one of the packages had a special addition to it ~ a Schick Intuition Razor.  I figured, “Why not? It’s not going to cost me anything to try it out“.  The first time I tried this razor I fell in love and haven’t used anything since!

I love the close shave that the Schick razor gives me and how smooth my skin feels after I use it.

The best part is, is that you don’t need shave gel or cream for this razor.  The Skin Conditioning Solid creates a lather of it’s own making sure that you can shave anywhere as long as you have water.

The Schick Intuition razor sits in my shower ready for the next time I need it.

Schick intuition razor

About the new Schick® Intuition® Pure Nourishment™ razor

Coconut milk and almond oil have long been lauded for their skin-benefiting qualities. Now, you can enjoy the power of these ingredients with the new Schick® Intuition® Pure Nourishment™ razor. Made for dry skin, the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor lathers, shaves and moisturizes during shaving—all in one easy step, with no need for shave gel, soap or body wash. Infused with coconut milk and almond oil, the Pure Nourishment Skin Conditioning Solid™ leaves dry skin feeling noticeably soft, and its four blades and pivoting head follow your contours for a close shave.

The refills for the Schick Intuition razor are great too, because all intuition 4-blade cartridges can be used with any Intuition Plus razor.  These cartridges come in 4 different varieties.

schick refills

These varieties include:

  • Naturals Sensitive Care with Aloe and Vitamin E to soothe sensitive skin
  • Advanced Moisture with good for your skin Shea Butter
  • Renewing Moisture enriched with Pomegranate extract
  • Soothing Moisture with Milk and Honey


Want to WIN a Schick® Intuition® Pure Nourishment™ razor AND a $100 Visa Gift Card??  Here is your chance!

The first 50 people to fill out the Schick Razor Claim Form (below) will receive their own Schick® Intuition® Pure Nourishment™ razor.  Once you receive your razor, we ask that you give us your own review of the razor by e-mailing mommymomentreviews (at)  Out of those of you who send us your review, we will choose 1 person  to receive a $100 Visa Gift Card!  Here is your 1 in 50 chance to win $100.

**Open to Canadian residents ONLY**

*****Due to an overwhelming response, all 50 Schick Intuition Razors have been scooped up.

A big THANK YOU to our Mommy Moment readers who play a huge role in making our blog a success!

All winners have been e-mailed.  Be sure to check your inboxes and spam folders.*****


Robyn L

Monday 25th of February 2013

am I in? can't access form

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Monday 25th of February 2013

The first 50 people who filled out the form have been emailed.


Monday 25th of February 2013

I'd love the chance to try it out, thanks!

brenda leger

Monday 25th of February 2013

i would love to try this new razor


Monday 25th of February 2013

would love to try

Heidi C.

Monday 25th of February 2013

I love Schick Intuition and can't wait to try this!