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Just ONE Drop ~ A Carl’s Life Cartoon

Just ONE Drop…. A Carl’s Life Cartoon about Kids and Soap


Soap cartoon

Do you use bar soap or liquid soap at your house?

How do you control how much soap your little one uses?

Is this what happens in YOUR bathroom?

I know it does at our house.

Soap, toothpaste and toilet paper.

All things you only need a little of, but kid end up using MORE than enough!

What does your bathroom look like after everyone is ready for the day?

After a morning of getting ready for our day, I am wiping up bubbles, water and toothpaste from my bathroom counter.

I wonder when they grow out of that stage…..


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Cory Graham is married to his university sweetheart and father of two children. Drawing Carl’s Life cartoons helps him to express that, what comes naturally to most, does not come naturally to all. All of life’s short comings are funny given enough distance and the right angle. Cory’s main philosophy is, “Live life and laugh at it”. You can follow Cory @FamilySatire.


Saturday 16th of February 2013

I have teens....they never grow out of it.