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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, at least that’s what people say. The reality is Christmas can be the most financially draining time of the year if we allow it to be, and that can take a lot of the joy out of the season. The truth is, Christmas shouldn’t be about spending an abundance of money, it should be about the time spent and the thought put into the season. You don’t need a huge budget in order to make the Holidays special!

how to make christmas special without a big budget


There are many great items for the Holidays that can be purchased second hand. Things ranging from décor to gifts can all be found for a fraction of the regular price and most items are gently used and in great condition.

TIP: If you want to countdown to Christmas in a unique way, you can purchase 25 books from a second-hand store, along with used Holiday bags. Place the books in the bags under the Christmas tree and allow your child to open a new book each day of December until Christmas. Read them together with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Pictured below: I did this and it cost me $13 for 25 books and the gift bags to put them in! 

How to Make Christmas Special Without a Big Budget


Not only is making your own Holiday décor a great way to save money, but it’s also an amazing way to spend some quality time with your family being creative and having a great time together. There are many great DIY Christmas décor Items out there for you and your family to create. When you make your own décor you create so much more than just savings and beautiful crafts, you create memories and keepsakes.

TIP: These Pink and Gold tree ornaments look stunning on your tree and this DIY Felt Pine Tree decoration would make a great addition to any room of the house this Holiday season.


One of the best ways to make Christmas special is to do something for others without spending a lot of money. Set aside an evening to bake a favorite cookie recipe with your family and then enjoy looking at Christmas lights as you deliver a few plates of cookies to some neighbors, seniors, friends or a family in need. You will have some special time together as a family making the Christmas season special for both you and others without breaking the budget.


Making special and personalize gifts for those that grace your shopping list is not only an amazing way to save money but also a fantastic heartfelt way to gift give. You see, people love getting personalized and handmade gifts that they can actually use, over randomly selected gifts picked off a shelf. Save money and be thoughtful. Win, win. (One of my favorite gifts last Christmas was a homemade cup cozy for my travel mug!)

TIP: If you are looking for some inspiration, check out these 20 Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas or this amazing and thoughtful DIY Brag Book.

There are many ways that you can save money this Holiday season and have an amazing Christmas on a budget. So, take your time and don’t stress, you can have a Holly Jolly Christmas this year!

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Chandra O’Connor

Wednesday 20th of December 2017

When my kids were home we always made our Christmas ornaments. We loved it.

Lynda Cook

Friday 8th of December 2017

This is a great post, it's not all about the money or all the fancy big gifts. Christmas is about spending time with loved ones!!