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Goody Good Stuff – Healthy Halloween

Healthy Halloween – the Trick is in the Treat
Delicious, all-natural candy from Goody Good Stuff comes free of creepy chemicals, allowing kids (and adults) to collect their Halloween treats and eat them, too.

(London, UK) – October 5th, 2011. The most frightening trick of all this Halloween may be the candy landing in our children’s treat baskets. Extensive research from the United States, Britain and Australia shows that artificial dyes and other chemicals found in candy can cause hyperactive behavior in children, and not just those diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). To the great news: parents can easily protect their kids—and themselves—from creepy chemicals this Halloween season thanks to all-natural, artificial-free gummy candy from UK–based Goody Good Stuff (

Now sold in stores across the U.S. and available in special Halloween packaging and colors (retailing for as low as $1.99 per bag), Goody Good Stuff’s delicious line of sweets is made with top-quality ingredients.  These tasty treats are carefully produced using a highly innovative technology that eliminates the use of the meat-derived gelatin and nasty artificial additives found in most gummy candies.

Goody Good Stuff candies fuse pure fruit juices with plant extracts, such as nettle, spinach, elderberry and black currant, creating a gummy as rich in color as it is in flavor. Naturally free of meat, dairy, gluten and soy, this treat makes a smart and safe candy alternative for kids (and adults) of all ages.

In fact, Goody Good Stuff candies have been hailed by as one of the most “homemade tasting candies” available in the U.S and a top choice for Halloween in 2010.   As one happy customer, JL states: “A triumph and a delight!   These vegetarian gummies are sheer masterpieces of confectionary.”

Goody Good Stuff’s freshly flavored candies come in eight delicious varieties, including four vegetarian options (Strawberry & Cream, Cheery Cherries, Tropical Fruit and Koala Gummy Bears) and four delectable vegan varieties (Cola Breeze, Summer Peaches, Sour Mix & Match and Sour Fruit Salad).

By the time Goody Good Stuff turns one this August, their delicious candies will be available in over 1,000 outlets across the US.  Goody Good Stuff’s team of young and energetic confectionary professionals are already brewing up new concoctions for release in early 2012.

Families looking for a smart and tasty Halloween treat alternative will find Goody Good Stuff’s mouthwatering candies in national retail stores such as Giant, Stop ‘n Shop, Bed, Bath & Beyond as well as on for as low as $1.99 per bag.

For those looking for a new costume idea this Halloween – why not dress up as Goody Good Stuff’s cute and loveable mascot, Kobi the Koala!  Kobi the Koala strikes a pose on each of their beautiful bags of candy and further illustrates Goody Good Stuff’s commitment to a clean, carefree and animal-friendly product.

This Halloween season, satisfy your sweet tooth with Goody Good Stuff’s superior flavors and textures without the worry of artificial colors, dairy, allergens and other harmful ingredients. Thanks to Goody Good Stuff, children (and adults) can savor clean and delicious Halloween candy—and feeling Goody Good about it!