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Getting Healthy This Year! #KarmaWellness

If you have been following our family journey we are presently embracing a new healthy lifestyle.  This includes healthy eating and living a more active lifestyle. Part of this lifestyle change is trying to make more healthy eating choices.  We no longer consume sugar like we used to which is proving to be challenging, but very rewarding.  And while this is not always easy, there are options out there.  My hubby has also started his healthy lifestyle kick by not consuming sugar and starting rugby again. Have I mentioned that he has lost 35 pounds?!? I’m pretty proud of him!!


My hubby is always saying how good of a workout rugby is and that he feels great after his work out.  Traditionally in the past he has “helped” his performance with sugar filled electrolyte drinks, however with getting healthy now, he was wanting a new alternative.  He discovered Karma Wellness Water with the simple Peel Push and Shake goodness.  First you peel of the protective seal at the top of the bottle.  Then you push the air tight cap down and infuse the fresh vitamins and flavor into the water.  Next shake the the water to initiate the health benefits.  That is it. Because the vitamins are not premixed in the Karma Wellness Water until you drink it, the potency of the vitamins does not break down and lose its effectiveness.


With 5 great flavors of Karma Wellness Water including raspberry guava jackfruit, orange mango, acai pomeberry, coconut pineapple and passionfruit green tea, sweetened with stevia, hubby can really appreciate this health boost which can help him make it through the rucks and scrums healthier than with the products he used last year.


 Which flavor of the Karma Wellness Water do you think you would like best? My hubby says the blue bottle (acai pomberry) is his favorite so far.


Kat at Mommy Kat and Kids

Monday 24th of February 2014

Love these! The pineapple coconut flavour is so good!

Teresa Claire

Saturday 22nd of February 2014

Good Karma :) I'm going to try the mango!