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A Look at Practical Life Through Pictures!

The Practical Life Area in a Montessori Classroom or Montessori Home may look very simple, but it’s purposes are a foundation for Montessori Work and Materials throughout education. Each area of Practical Life carries the same goals for the child- the direct aims of Coordination, Cooperation, Concentration, and Independence. Everything here has its place, which …

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Cold Weather Dressing Basket

A very important component of Montessori Philosophy is Independence.  Anything that parents and teachers can  provide to do for him/herself is a great benefit to the child.  This week’s activity is considered Practical Life, Care of Self. For each major seasonal change, I like to provide a dressing basket to prepare and practice for the …

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Cards and Counters

This week, I’m sharing a Montessori Math Material called Cards and Counters.  This work can be made by anyone, with little or no cost.  The material is used for practicing counting with one-to-one correspondence and learning the concept of odd and even numbers. All you’ll need: Cards, labeled from 1-10 (mine, pictured here, are just …

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