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Coffee is a drink that many people enjoy on a daily basis and some would even say they are addicted to the delicious black beverage.  Here are 8 things that might make you a coffee lover.


#1)  Your day MUST start with at least 1 cup of coffee.

#2)  You spend most of your grocery shopping time in the coffee aisle.

#3)  You have a special mug that your coffee tastes better out of.

#4)  You are no longer affected by caffeine.

#5)  You have all the fancy coffee machines – coffee bean grinder, french press etc.

#6)  You and the coffee barista at your local coffee shop on are a first name basis.

#7)  You are drinking a cup of coffee while you are reading this 🙂

#8)  You’ve got a KEURIG Coffee Pod Center like this one:

coffee pod center

Coffee Lover List

Keurig coffee center

Order your own variety pack of coffee or even your own bolt bins like the one above. (Yes, these are affiliate links… so I can add money to my own coffee fun. Haha.)

you might be a coffee lover

Who’s the coffee lover in your house?

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Tuesday 30th of August 2016

#'s 1 and 3 are me. Coffee does taste better of of certain mugs.

Nena Sinclair

Saturday 27th of August 2016

I'm definitely a coffee lover! That Keurig Coffee Pod Center is right out of my dreams!! :)


Thursday 25th of August 2016

Lol I can answer yes to majority of these questions :)

June S.

Wednesday 24th of August 2016

(YOU MIGHT BE A COFFEE LOVER IF……) I am a coffee lover for sure and I love this awesome idea that you did with the neat Individual coffee k-cup holders. What a awesome idea! thanks for sharing it also-

Doris Calvert

Wednesday 24th of August 2016

Yes to the first 7 number 8 not quite as big but close! Maybe it is that big, we have cases of pods and put out as many as fits in the rack! Coffee addicts!