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Being a mom is downright difficult some days. No matter how prepared for motherhood you are, there are going to be those days that you feel as though parenting is an impossible task and that you are failing.

It is common to have feelings of inadequacy, frustration and sometimes even sadness, especially when you are sleep deprived.

It is important to remember that you are doing a great job and that many mothers also feel the same way you do from time to time. Feeling overwhelmed doesn’t make you a bad mother, not at all.


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You are and will always be enough. You are going to have bad days but you love your children and that is the best thing you can do.


The joys that come along with being a mother are not going to be constant. There are going to be days that you don’t feel 100% or days that your little one doesn’t feel 100% and that is ok. Remember that there are so many moments that have and will be filled with Joy and happiness and that it’s OK that today isn’t perfect.


This is a saying my grandma often said, and one that is so true. It is very important to remember that bad days won’t last a lifetime. This too shall pass and the clouds will clear. It may not be easy, there may be a lot of work you have to do, but chin up. You are doing a great job and things will most certainly work out and when they do, you will be left feeling all the more confident and strong for getting through these days.


You have gone through so many different things in life to get where you are today. Now, you have a little life that depends on you and you are rocking it! Take a deep breath and look in the mirror and tell yourself how incredible you truly are — stuck on cheerios, crusty peanut butter and all.

Being a mom is a hard job! It can be completely overwhelming some days. Remember, it is ok to ask for help. If you do not have family around that can help, try getting connected to a local or online mom group, a playgroup or a church group. It takes a village to raise a child. You’re doing a fantastic job.

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