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Who wore it better? #Movember #TeamThomas

Happy Movember everyone. It’s Trevor here (Jody’s husband) to give you a little update on my Movember journey. Many of you have been watching Movembers grow and grow this month. While there are many debates about how good some of the stashes are looking, the main point to remember is why we are growing these stashes of epic proportions.

The first thing I do want to talk about is my face.  It is in my blood to not have a mustache, and being 18 days into this campaign, this is still very true.  I was visiting with some other fellow Movember participants who shared they have already had to trim their stashes.  I am thinking if I keep my Movember till  next year, I would be ready for trimming on Nov 19th…..2016.  None the less I am still proud of the little facial hair that I do have and making this month fun despite my lack of stache growth.

Who grew it better? 😉



Stay tuned to my page for more movember updates.

As for why we are doing this, we are bringing awareness to men’s health.  Speaking as a male, yes we sometimes think we are invincible.  Lets be real here, 99% of the time it is the men who tend to do the silly things that make us more susceptible to hurting ourselves.  But we have to remember, we are not invincible.  That is why the Movember foundation is interested in all types of men’s health issues.  Whether its mental health or physical health, men need to be more aware of their own health issues.

I know for men, sometimes its hard to admit that we may need help, but poor mental health is something that we men, should not be ashamed of to ask for help.  Even seeking medical help, please men, do yourself a favor and get regular check ups and do what it takes to create a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy diet and exercise.

As for our the Movember Foundation, my personal goal is $500 (but it sure would be awesome to double that) (donate here). Our team goal (Team Thomas) is $25000 and with your help we can achieve it.

In celebration of 70 years of friendship, Thomas is embarking on his next exciting adventure – a FUN-raising campaign in support of Movember. Thomas is calling on his friends to join Team Thomas and help fund-raise to change the face of men’s health in Canada. Check back weekly to watch Thomas grow and style his mo. And follow along at ©2015 Gullane (Thomas) Limited.

Be sure to check us out and be sure to donate for men’s health and the Movember Foundation.


Darlene Schuller

Thursday 19th of November 2015

Thanks for the fabulous update!! I sure love that Men's Health Issues are finally being brought to the forefront!!


Wednesday 18th of November 2015

I love Movember - it's such a great fundraising idea. :) We always have one going through my workplace!