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Beautiful Nails with Trind North America #giveaway

Trind is a brand known for it’s hand and nail care.  They are especially known in Europe but have recently started climbing the status poles here in North America too. Trind was founded in 1988 and their goal is to provide nail care products that make your nails stronger and healthier.

Trind Nails

This last week we got to try out a few of their products for the first time and have some pictures to help you learn about this brand too. Trind North America sent six bottles of colour along with one nail strengthener.

Trind nail revive

To do a little research I went to the Trind North America website, and wow, they have a very nicely set up website! If you click under FAQ’s, you will find solutions and answers to all your nail questions.  I appreciate how Trind really cares about the health of your hands and nails.  They don’t just make the cheapest product, but they make a product that you can feel good about wearing.

Trind Nail Lacquer

If you want to try out this product we can help you on your way with a chance to win a few bottles from them!


1 Mommy Moment reader will WIN a Trind product bundle valued at over $100, including a bottle of the Trind Nail Revive and a black patent-look cosmetic bag, as well as a Summer Color Wardrobe of 6 Trind Caring Color Polishes.

To enter, sign up for the Trind North America Newsletter.


Nail designs in this post were created by Megan.  Megan loves trying new designs out on her nails and sharing them with people around her.

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Victoria Ess

Sunday 13th of September 2015

I used the light pink first!

Amanda P

Sunday 13th of September 2015

I would first paint my nails with the dark blue color but they all are gorgeous!


Saturday 12th of September 2015

Apple green or apple for sure.

Jermaine Mintuck

Saturday 12th of September 2015

Probably the Turquoise followed by red then white in some SW pattern.

Laurie Nykaza

Saturday 12th of September 2015

I would paint my nails purple I love that color!