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Vitamins are not meant to take the place of the nutrients that you should be getting from a healthy balanced diet. However, sometimes in life, we need a little help. After my son was born, I lost a lot of blood and because of that my iron levels were dangerously low and not at all where they should have been. So my doctor put me on Iron pills that I was supposed to take every day. Every. Day. There were (and are!) many days that I forgot to take my vitamins. Part of the reason is because swallowing pills for me is tricky. They always seem to get stuck in my throat choking me. But I did find a few ways to make sure that I continued to take my vitamins daily.

Tips for taking vitamins daily.

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#1) HAVE A ROUTINE – Whether it is taking the vitamins with your breakfast, lunch, supper or at bedtime, taking your vitamins daily is important and easier when you have a routine.

#2) HAVE A VITAMIN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER – My husband is excellent for this. Every evening when he comes home from work, he walks by my pill container and checks to see if that days vitamins are gone. If not, he casually mentions that I haven’t yet taken my pills and it is a gentle reminder to me to take them at my next opportunity.

#3) PREP THE WEEKS VITAMINS – My husband preps all the vitamins I will need to take for the whole week. I have a great little pill container with the days of the weeks on it. He makes sure that every day has the right amount of vitamins so everything is in one spot making it super easy.

#4) USE A VITAMIN SPRAY – If you are like me and have a tough time swallowing pills, using a supplement spray like Instavit will make taking your vitamins easier. The Instavit line includes Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and several other nutrient sprays to help keep your body in balance.

One of the best features of Instavit is that it eliminates the need for a routine and prepping the week’s vitamins in advance. Because it is small, portable, and allows for dosage control, Instavit makes taking vitamins daily an easy task —whether every morning in the kitchen or at random when out on-the-go perfect for busy moms.  You can find this new product line at Rexall Stores and on-line: [ Website – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter 

Do you remember to take your vitamins daily?

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Monday 21st of March 2016

There is a vitamin spray??! Wow I didnt know that I would do much better with that than a pill!


Sunday 20th of March 2016

I just started taking vitamins again a week a half ago. Excellent tips as I always forget!


Sunday 20th of March 2016

It is so interesting to me that some forget their meds. I was like that and them a stroke happened. So I am a crazy person and make sure everyone takes their meds. your tips are awesome. I am the pill administer for my son, he forgets his meds

Alayne Langford

Saturday 19th of March 2016

I also take a lot of Vitamins and some of them are hard to swallow! I will definitely look into Instavit sprays for further information! Thank you :)


Saturday 19th of March 2016

Vitamin spray sounds really cool! My son only likes chewable ones and i am sure he would say yes to spray vitamins too.