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Tic Tac Strawberry Fusion. Pink, Sweet, Tart, & Best Of All, Supports A Great Cause

Today I will give you a few very good reasons to like Tic Tac’s more than you did before.  These sweet little breath fresheners that have rescued many people from halitosis, aka bad breath, is on a campaign to help fight the war on breast cancer.  Tic Tac wants to create a larger awareness of their cause so they are introducing a new flavor that will knock your socks off.

Strawberry Fusion Flavor sounds like a dream Tic Tac flavor.  And it is!  This mouth watering new enticing Tic Tac flavor is simply the best.  I have always been an orange fan, however Strawberry Fusion Flavor is my new fav.

This new flavor is just like it sounds.  A strawberry flavor that is just the right amount of sweet and tart.  A flavor explosion for your mouth.  And to make this new flavor extra special, they are now pink for your visual pleasure too.

Many of you have been impacted by someone with breast cancer.  A friend or a family member may be suffering now.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, Tic Tac Canada has donated $25,000 to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada (which is a registered, national, not-for-profit, charitable organization dedicated to funding Canadian breast cancer research for the detection, prevention and treatment and to ultimately find a cure for the disease that women fear most).

Support Tic Tac during the month of October with their new flavor Strawberry fusion.  They will not be hard to miss as they are pink.

Also look out for their new character to help them promote this latest endeavor.

Your taste buds and breath will thank you for this.


Wednesday 19th of September 2012

Breast cancer awareness and fund raising is near and dear to my heart. I did not know they had pink tic tacs to raise awareness, thanks for the heads up and i will be looking for them :)


Wednesday 19th of September 2012

I like this new flavour too!