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The Seventh Dwarf #giveaway

You’ve already met six of the dwarfs… now get ready to meet Dellamorta, the evil witch, and Burner, the fire-breathing dragon from Shout! Factory’s upcoming animated film, THE SEVENTH DWARF! With some help from her reluctant sidekick, Burner, Dellamorta dedicates all her time to sabotaging the beautiful Princess Rose and her fairytale friends.

Marching Dwarfs

Join all seven dwarfs for an adventure as big as they are small! It’s the eve of Princess Rose’s 18th birthday. Everyone in the kingdom has come to Fantabularasa Castle to celebrate including Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. But just before the stroke of midnight Bobo, the youngest dwarf, accidentally pricks the finger of Princess Rose (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) with a cursed needle and sends the kingdom into a century-long slumber! To find Rose’s true love Jack to save her with a kiss, Bobo and the other six dwarfs must go on a treacherous journey, face a fiery dragon and outwit the jealous, scheming and evil witch, Dellamorta!


This hilarious mash-up of the best classic fairy tales for young and old alike, features a winged dragon, a brave little dwarf, non-stop laughs and toe-tapping songs!


3 Mommy Moment readers will WIN a copy of The Seventh Dwarf movie!

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling us your favorite fairy tale character.

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Melissa Marie

Sunday 30th of August 2015

I always liked the Little Mermaid.


Sunday 30th of August 2015

Oh gosh - so hard to pick a favourite. Jack - of Jack and the Beanstalk maybe.


Sunday 30th of August 2015

Cinderella has always been my favourite character since it was one of the first movies I saw when I was young.

Betty S

Sunday 30th of August 2015

love cinderella

Julie Lundstrom

Saturday 29th of August 2015

I love Cinderella. My daughter looks like Cinderella.