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It is great to incorporate traditions from your childhood. Continuing family traditions throughout the ages help pass on cultural and religious heritages that help bridge generation gaps.


Years from now, when your children are thinking about their lives, they will look back on different moments from your family times and reminisce about memories. Memories they remember through being in the moment, and memories they talk about after seeing photographs.


Every fall, we spend a weekend away with my husband’s hockey teammates and their families. I don’t know if you and your children are like me and mine, but we look forward to this weekend away to play in the pool and hang out with friends immensely! Having yearly, monthly or even weekly (family pizza night) traditions will keep your family eagerly anticipating events.


Because you are making an effort to pour into your child’s lives, your children will bloom. Because you are making the effort to plan these special moments, you and your children will grow closer as a family.

Growing up I looked forward to heading to my grandparent’s farm during the summer for a couple of weeks. It was a time of learning new things and joining my grandparents in their daily lives. Part of the fun of was eating the foods that I got to eat only at Grandma’s.

Whippet Strawberry

One snack that my Grandma always had in her cupboard was a box of Strawberry Whippets. These delicious marshmallow cookies with strawberry filling were the dessert that she had every night with her coffee. It was a special moment when I got to take part in her special evening treat.

Since Whippets have been around since 1927 – and still going strong by adding NEW flavors!! – I can share this tradition with my kids!

While it is great to incorporate your childhood traditions, it is also important to start your own traditions with your family or even alter childhood ones to fit your family dynamic.

Whippet Sticks are the newest product from the Whippet family. The delicious brownie and coconut flavors make a family tradition something new and exciting! The Whippet Sticks are the perfect snack to enjoy with your children. When was the last time you played with food? You can break the Whippet Sticks into small pieces or eat them one bite at a time. Made in a peanut and nut free facility, these also make a great treat for the school lunch kit or when friends with allergies come over.

What is one family tradition that has been carried on through the ages, or one that you have created with your children?

This post was brought to you by Dare.  All opinions expressed are my own.


Saturday 23rd of December 2017

I;d eat a whole box of those! I agree, long rooted traditions that are relevant and worth staying are great to be celebrated.

Patty Jones

Tuesday 14th of November 2017

Being Grandparents of children in far away states and the attack on society regarding Christmas or any other holidays. We have lost any traditions, our kids, grandkids have no clue about my traditions and dont care. I came from foster homes and craved for family Christmas traditions. Unfortunately I married someone who was Jewish.. that would not support my holidays fully as it would hurt his parents feelings so the kids relate to his family for holidays and mine are moot. To try and make this short. After several yrs of sadness, false smiles even lied that my kids calling me and wished me Merry Christmas, Happy Easter even Moms day... After much long healing my husband and I now celebrate by delivering food for those who want a tradition of course going to church. For us we have found old toys on ebay etc. that gave us a moment of past Happy Memories.. We dont exchange gifts at our age so when we decorate the tree, house and outside. You look down and see old vintage toys that remind us of a "special gift in time" Its truly amazing what few memories can take us back in time and bring a current a smile to our face. My husband is my family and its time we think about us now.. and let what cant be fixed - go. We also have open house all day Christmas day.. you would be surprised how many are in the same situation. I dont think my kids will ever feel what its like until their child moves on and they are left behind. I still feel blessed. our solo christmas

Fan R

Saturday 23rd of September 2017

Our family tradition is to prepare huge pies when everyone helps even little kids & celebrate together! Even if it is just a regular weekend!


Saturday 23rd of September 2017

I do wish that we had some traditions.

Cheryl H

Friday 22nd of September 2017

We have a few traditions. We like to play board games, travel a few times a year together