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Learning With Tangle Brain Tools

We have been enjoying our Tangle Toys both at home and for daddy to use at the office.

When looking for toys there are a few criteria that most people are looking for.  This includes being inexpensive, educational, and able to follow your child from pre-school to grade 6 and up.

Mom’s, there is a toy that meets all this criteria!  The Tangle Toy.  The good folks at Tangle have made a book for educators and parents that will help then use this toy to the fullest extent and help them use this toy till grade 6 and beyond.

What I liked about the Learning With Tangle Brain Tools Book is that it explains how the tangle works and the overall benefits to using it for a child.  The fact this even goes into brain development and how the brain works really sells the importance of having stimulating toys like the Tangle Toy in your home and classroom.  The book even has notes throughout most of the activities that shows how to adapt games and activities to meet the needs of special needs students.  This shows me that Tangle Toys cares about all young people and shows the versatility of this toy that ALL kids can use.

When you look at the main part of this book you can see there are lots of games and activities that encompass the Tangle Toy. These games and activities also try to encompass as much senses as possible.  These suggested uses are open ended and make it possible to take the games/activities further if the teacher/parents desires.

Some of the extra’s that come with this book include forms to help you in the home/classroom that can help students map their own attention level using faces and how they feel about each activity.  This is a great tool for kids who cannot express their emotions.  Another cool form for teachers in this book is a note home that explains to the caregiver what the classroom is doing, and a take home activity to help parents and the child discuss educational and Tangle issues.

Also for American teachers, this books tips and locations for obtaining funding for Tangle Toys in the classroom.  These simple tips can help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to getting Tangles for your classroom.

This is an encouraging book that will help and educator/parent with their child no matter how young, old, or at developmental stage they are at.  This Uni sex toy can be used by anyone and the book provides the tools to help you with that.  The book even comes with one Tangle to get you started.  So go forth teachers/educators/parents and help your child develop all their senses and enjoy being a child.