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3 Tips To Survive Spring Allergy Season Naturally #Giveaway

Seasonal allergies are no fun. Each member of our family has suffered from different types of allergies and here are some of our tips.

spring allergy season

3 Tips To Survive Spring Allergy Season Naturally

1) Avoid known allergies – I know this one seems obvious, but sometimes it is almost impossible. I find that staying inside during the early morning hours helps me avoid the worst of the allergens in the air, if I am outside a lot I take a shower when I get inside and I wash my bedding in hot water regularly.

2) Keep your nose clean – More precisely your nasal passages. Allergens like to hang out in the nasal passages so I find using a Neti pot or Xlear Sinus Care Rinse system a huge benefit. My 4 year old loves keeping her nasal passages clean (you can see a video of her using the Sinus Care Rinse). I personally find that I like to use the Neti Pot on a regular basis and if I feel any sinus pain or pressure I use the Sinus Care Rinse system as it gives me the ability to use a little more pressure to clean out my nasal passages effectively.

3) Use a nasal spray – We use the Xlear nasal spray on a regualr basis. It’s a non-addictive nasal spray designed to aid in the relief of irritation caused by pollutants, allergens and germs in the nasal passages. It has an effective amount of XYLITOL and the health-promoting practice of a saline to help wash, hydrate, and moisturize the nasal passages.

The Xlear Sinus Care Neti contains a specially designed neti pot for a natural cleansing of the nasal passages through the gravity-flow of Xlear Sinus Care Solution. This method is effective in gently washing away debris and contaminants that build up. The Xlear Sinus Care Solution improves the efficacy of this method while soothing and Moisturizing.neti pot

Giveaway Moment: One lucky CAN or US reader will win a Sinus Care Neti to help them survive allergy season!
(To enter to win fill out the form and let me know why you would like to win this prize)

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Lisa A.

Sunday 5th of May 2013

Would love to win this as it would be a super gift for my sister-in-law is over . Her allergies are the worst I've seen.

Patricia Zyska-Pickett

Saturday 4th of May 2013

I suffer from allergies at this time of the year, and they are really bad. It would be great to get relief in a natural way!

Monique L. S.

Saturday 4th of May 2013

I can barely breathe my allergies are so bad. I would love to use something that is natural. I have had doctors prescribed nasal sprays in the past and my nose bleeds after prolonged use, so would like something a bit more gentle but effective.

Caryn Coates

Saturday 4th of May 2013

I would love to win this because my son and hubby suffer with horrible sinus issues


Friday 3rd of May 2013

i like that there are no side effects to using this that is something that always bothers me when i buy products is all the side effects.