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Summer break means the kids will be spending more time at home.

With all that time comes more of a mess.

This time off is a great opportunity for involving your children in household duties.

In fact, creating daily and weekly chores for your children will help teach them responsibility and give them a goal to work towards.

Summer chores for kids will not only give them a sense of accomplishment but it will also stifle the complaints of summer break boredom.


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Helping around the garden and yard is a great way to get kids involved. Have your children weed, water and the feed plants. This is an easy way to get them outside and keep them busy.


In the summer months, the laundry seems to pile up rather quickly.

Have your children help out.

Your little ones can help to sort and fold clean laundry and older children can learn how to use the actual appliances.


With the kids home all day there will be more garbage than usual.

Have the kids help to take out the trash.

The kids can also empty out the garbage, recycle and compost bins and have them bring the containers back in from the curb.


If your children are old enough, they can help with the lawn mowing.

If you have younger children, they can rake up lawn clippings, remove debris like rocks and sticks and even help to pull the weeds.


The kids can sweep the patio, clean lawn furniture, and wipe down tables. This will keep everything clean and tidy outside.


The summer months can lead to disarray in your shed and garage.

Put your children in charge of organizing and tidying up the shed and garage throughout the summer.


A sunny day and a little soap can make for a fun time completing this chore.

Have your children wash the car.

Not only will they have fun playing in the water, but your vehicle will end up sparkly clean.

There are several summer chores for kids that can be completed over the break.

Just make sure the chores you are assigning are age appropriate and your children have the correct instructions to perform them.

Not only will summer chores keep your children busy but it will also instill responsibility and a sense of accomplishment within them.

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