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Spring is here and new kittens and puppies are abound!

With spring upon us, more than 1 million new cats and dogs (or kittens and puppies) are being welcomed into the homes of Canadians this year.  And, preparing for a new puppy or kitten takes planning and patience which means new pet owners may need a helping paw to settle their new four legged friend into the family.

kittens and puppies

To offer peace of mind, free online resources www. and help pet owners make sense of the new furry addition to their family.  Canadians can easily access pet related information with a simple click of a mouse. And by registering at or, pet owners receive a complimentary information kit, an engravable pet tag and a coupon for free kitten or puppy food.

So while puppies and kittens are undeniably cute with their oversized paws, big eyes and playful spirit, without proper guidance adorable pets can turn into less delightful cats and dogs. To inform Canadians about responsible pet ownership, including knowing when and how to train their canine companion or feline friend, www. and offer tips on socializing and training new puppies and kittens. And to document the journey, the revamped sites include a new Pet Timeline where you can upload your pet’s photos & videos, note significant milestones and mark important calendar events like veterinarian appointments. Your new best friend will thank you.

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Little Miss Kate

Sunday 5th of May 2013

I remember doing all sorts of research and reading when we got our cat 4 years ago!

Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel

Sunday 5th of May 2013

I used My when we first got our dog. It was really helpful. Love the picture of the sleepy cat :)

Jodi Shaw

Sunday 5th of May 2013

I adopted my beloved Edison no longer with me because Kelowna was over-run with cats. I couldn't bear the thought of him being put down and the person I got him from had three litters before he was born. I finally called on her but there is only so much the SPCA and other shelters can do. People need to take responsibility. Great post Jodi on bringing awareness to this topic!


Saturday 4th of May 2013

Great post. Very informative. I love those kits. So helpful

Christine (@chancesmommy)

Friday 3rd of May 2013

Thanks for posting this. It's a great reminder to all about being a responsible pet owner. So many adorable kittens and pups. People often forget that they grow up and need forever homes.