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Make Your Carbonated Beverages at Home with the SodaStream Home Drinks Maker

SodaStream Home Drinks Maker


I love pop.

I’m not going to lie.

Sitting down with an ice cold Pepsi is relaxing and refreshing to me.

But, as I’m sure we ALL know, pop is not only expensive, it is also not healthy.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way you could enjoy the taste of a carbonated beverage at home?

With the SodaStream Home Drinks Maker you can!

We receive a SodaStream Limited Edition Purple Mood to review.  Since purple is a favorite color at this house, everyone was excited.


We waited until a Saturday night (which is our family movie night) and decided to treat everyone to a drink.

The set up of the machine was very simple and in 6 easy-to-do steps we were enjoying a fizzy beverage.



The SodaStream Home Drinks Maker has a great range of flavors to tempt any taste buds.  There is sugar-free, ice tea and sport drink options.  My daughter is a grapefruit lover, so she immediately picked the grapefruit flavor.

SodaStream Flavours

SodaStream grapefruit

With other carbonated beverages, our kids find them way too fizzy and we have to add half a cup of water to each glass.  Since you can choose the amount of fizziness in each bottle you make with the SodaStream, it is perfect for our kids.  Now we can make them special drinks that are exactly what they want.

enjoying Soda Stream

And the best part is?  Beverages made with the SodaStream machines and mixes, have minimal calories and sugar compared to other pops and carbonated beverages.  The cola made with the SodaStream machine, has 35 calories and 9 grams of sugar for 250ml.  Whereas, for 250 ml of Pepsi, the calories are 150 and the sugar is 28 grams.

The SodaStream Home Drinks Maker is perfect for those who enjoy the fizziness of pop, who love to drink healthier and save money.

Tell me, have YOU tried a Soda Stream?  Will you?



Tuesday 19th of February 2013

I've heard great things of home soda making machines before. Recently a good friend recommended one to me as a fizzy drink replacement as she enjoys simply doing flavored water treats with hers. You make it sound wonderful!

Mallery Schuplin

Tuesday 19th of February 2013

I always wondered how these bad boys worked! Thanks for giving me a better understanding of the system.


Monday 18th of February 2013

We have a Soda Stream and my kids love the flavored waters and fruity drinks, they are awesome!

Heather B

Monday 18th of February 2013

The Sodastream is awesome! It's so much better for you than store bought soda.


Monday 18th of February 2013

Oh my gosh! That Soda Stream is so cool! We got one last summer that was red. The packaging has changed since then, too. Love the purple! And we love ours, too!