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Staying safe while staying away from home in a hotel or other lodging is extremely important.

Surprisingly, however, many travelers overlook accommodation-related safety issues when they’re on the road. Don’t allow yourself to do the same thing. These safety tips when staying away from home will bring you that much closer to a completely positive (and safe) hotel stay.


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Depending on how far you’ve traveled, there’s a good chance you’ll be tired when you arrive at your hotel destination. This is all the more reason to remain as alert as possible, at least until you climb into your (hopefully comfy) bed.

Experts recommend that you request a room located higher than the ground floor, somewhere between the third and sixth floors is ideal. Why? The rooms on these floors are high enough to avoid someone breaking in and low enough to be reached, by ladder, in the event of a fire.

Resist the temptation to walk into the hotel before your luggage. In fact, during check-in, it’s best to stay as close to your bags as possible. This prevents the likelihood of your belongings from getting stolen if you become momentarily distracted.

Never set your credit card down on the counter. In today’s digital world, it’s extremely easy for someone to snap a quick photo of it and then use the card for fraudulent purposes. When the desk clerk hands it back to you, make sure it belongs to you and not someone else.


When you get to your room, there are several things you can do to help to ensure your safety. First of all, prop open the door with your body or a heavy suitcase and look around the room.

Check the shower, the closet area, and behind the curtains before you close the door. You can easily go one step further and request that a staff member accompany you to your room to perform the check.

Pay close attention to the door lock. Make sure it is fully functioning. Don’t stay in a room that doesn’t have a deadbolt. Always use the deadbolt when in the room.

Invest in a door wedge to use at night or when you’re in the shower. Many criminals wait until they hear water running to try to break into a room.

Keep a flashlight near your bed. In the event of a power outage, this makes it easier to navigate an unfamiliar building.


Each time you leave your room, ask that your valuables be put in the hotel safe. If the hotel doesn’t have a safe, consider making reservations elsewhere. Always carry your passport with you if you’re using one.

If you lose your room key, ask to be moved to a new room. There is no way to be sure that you simply misplaced it. It’s always possible that someone actually took it.

Now that we’ve covered some of the simple things you can do to ensure a safe hotel stay, why not plan your next getaway? There are some great hotel deals out there, just waiting for you.

Remember, as long as you follow this advice, chances are you’ll never have to deal with a negative hotel or motel experience in the future.

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