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Reebok CrossfitNano 4.0

On our new healthy journey, our lives and bodies have made tremendous changes.  And with that there are many changes in clothing as well.  Not that I am a fitness freak or a gym rat, but when I needed shoes, the Reebok CrossFItNano 4.0 was what I was looking for.


When Purolator showed up at my door with these shoes, I was shocked at how light the package was.  And even more surprised when I actually picked up the shoes on their own.  They are very light and when I tried them on I was even more surprised at how comfortable they were.  I could wear these shoes all day long (sometimes I do) and feel great in them.  They provide great ventilation which is an added bonus to having them as a workout shoes.

When you first look at the shoes you notice the rubber mesh around it.  This is what Reebok calls the DuraCage. There are several functions of this DuraCage.  It provides strength yet breathability for your shoes and feet.  Also this provides great support and grip for climbing ropes for CrossFit.  A great design plus.  With additional shock absorption in not only heels, but the forefoot.

These super flexible shoes are not just runners…they are extensions of my feet.  The larger grips on the sole of the shoe makes me feel more in control of my foot placement and gives me that reassurance when I make those quick steps.


Reebok is a brand that I have trusted for years.  Even from when I was a child I remember the Reebok name being synonymous with fitness and sports.  And today that has not changed.  So when I workout, I know that I have quality on my feet that have been around the fitness world for many years.  I have considered starting a work out program at a local gym, I feel confident these shoes would be the perfect addition to my gym bag.

Giveaway Moment:


One lucky Canadian Mommy Moment Reader will win a pair of Reebok CrossFitNano 4.0.



margaret franks duncan

Sunday 26th of October 2014

I am disabled and have trouble walking and the Reeboks would help stableize my balance when useing my walking stick so I would be safer.Thanks for the chance!

Ashley J

Sunday 26th of October 2014

My sneakers have holes in them now. I need to buy a new pair. Hoping I can win it instead

Amanda Murray

Sunday 26th of October 2014

I'd love to win, let alone OWN real sneakers someday. It's a cost I can never justify... and seeing that I'm now pregnant I fear I may never own anything but hand-me-downs in the footwear dept. lol Good luck everyone! :)

Angela M

Sunday 26th of October 2014

I recently started working out and my old running shoes look ancient. I would love a pair of these!!


Sunday 26th of October 2014

These shoes look great!