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Our Daily Routine {after having kids}

After having a baby I found out how much life changed. I do not think I really knew how much it would change until I entered motherhood.

With a new baby I found I had to adjust my schedule to fit around the needs of my baby, especially when it came to sleep. People always told me to nap when my baby napped, and I took that advice…when I had my first.

Once I had my second baby I realized quite quickly that I could not always nap when my baby napped. I decided for my own sanity to try to schedule my girls to take at least one nap at the same time. This way, even if I could not nap, I could take a shower or relax and just enjoy even a few minutes of quiet.

After having two children I noticed that our family naturally got into a regular routine. It’s not really that we sat down and discussed everything, but here are some of the things that became routine and are still a part of our regular days:

  • My husband takes meat out of the freezer each morning so it is ready to prepare for dinner that evening.
  • I take a shower while my husband makes breakfast.
  • We eat breakfast together, read a story, ask intentional questions, and listen to a kids music cd.
  • All of us go out to meet the bus each morning. Once my oldest gets on the bus, daddy walks to work and me and my youngest daughter come inside and read a few stories and have cuddle time.
  • After my oldest gets home from school both girls get a snack, then I read books with them and the oldest does her homework and practices her violin. I start making supper and when daddy gets home he helps finish making supper, setting the table etc.
  • Before bed daddy reads the girls 1 book, a Bible story and prays with them.
  • My husband and I take turns taking our daughter to her violin classes each week. We try to take turns and share all the responsibilities.

I am happy with the routine and structure we have in our home. I also love that we are more relaxed on weekends and holidays.

I think the key is finding the right balance that fits with your family.

Do you have specific daily routines?

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Tiffany H

Monday 26th of September 2011

Routines. My daughter will be 4 months this Friday, and I think we may be developing a routine. She still gets to eat on demand, as she was a premie. The mornings are Daddy Daughter time till our nanny arrives about mid-morning. The nanny takes her for a walk in the neighborhood and they pick up the house together. I tend to arrive home at 3 in the afternoon, since I leave for work at 5:30am. DD has a bottle at 2:30 and is down for a nap when I get home. She varies on nap times still but eats again about 4:30 and 7 pm. Then a bath and she is down for the night about 9pm. DH doesn't normally get home till after 10, as he works a later shift. Routines are a wonderful thing when planning and trying to do errands. Great Post