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Note Trail… in pictures

I woke up Valentine’s Day morning to find this “note trail”

This note trail led me to a beautiful personal card on our kitchen table. My husband really believes in romance and treating me like a princess. He feels that it is important for our little girls to see this so that they will know that they are worth so much. He wants to show them that if this is how much an earthly father loves his daughters, how much more does our father in heaven love his little girls. He also buys them each Valentine’s Day card just from Daddy!

I was not sure if I should share this post or not because I know that I am very fortunate. I know that many women are in difficult marriages or have husbands who do not value romance. I decided that I would post this anyway because EVERY WOMAN IS SPECIAL.

Mommy Moment

Thursday 11th of March 2010

Ladies, I really am blessed! I prayed for a Prince Charming ever since I was a young girl...I wish every girl would be blessed with an amazing husband!Jody


Thursday 11th of March 2010

oh my! I'm SO glad you left the link on my blog to come see this!!!! Aren't our hubbies the greatest?!? That's so incredibly sweet and I love it!!!we're two lucky ladies!



Friday 19th of February 2010

OMG! That is sooo sweet! My husband is more like the "Beast". For real! But I'm not saying it in a bad way. That's just the way he is... :)


Thursday 18th of February 2010

This is just about the sweetest thing ever! Your husband is definitely a great guy!


Wednesday 17th of February 2010

Heart this much.