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DIY ThumbPrint Butterflies

These Thumbprint butterflies are so easy to make and they are absolutely adorable. I always think handprint, footprint, thumbprint and fingerprint crafts make the best keepsakes.

These sweet DIY butterflies would be an easy Valentine’s Day craft idea.

thumbprint butterflies

This idea could be used for a Spring Theme, Butterfly theme or Valentine’s Day.

First dip thumb in red paint and place on paper 2 times to make a heart type shape.

Then add a body with marker.

Sprinkle with sugar.

Look at the beautiful butterfly! Such sparkle!

























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Wednesday 24th of February 2010

Stopping by from SITS. This is such a cute idea. I'll need to try it with my daughter today.


Saturday 20th of February 2010

VERY fun! I'm going to do this with my little ones! Great blog, by the way. I'll be back!

Tisha Smith

Friday 19th of February 2010

What a simple, fun project! Thanks for leaving your blog address on my blog....I'm enjoying it lots!Tisha

Kelly at Home

Tuesday 16th of February 2010

Too cute! I used to be a Kindergarten teacher and we did a similar activity. Now I'm the mom of two little girls who I'll be homeschooling, and I'm filing this one away for springtime fun! Thanks...and ADORABLE blog, by the way! :o)

(Stoppin' by from SITS)


Monday 15th of February 2010

So cute!!! I'll do this activity in my classroom! And my name Leptir means Butterfly in English. So, I love all Butterfly themed activities :-)