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How many of you like waiting at the hospital/doctor’s office?  I can’t imagine that many people like going to the clinic, often having to wait up to several hours for simple questions about minor health issues. The great folks at TELUS Health Solutions would like to help you alleviate unwanted trips to the doctor’s office.

TELUS Health Solutions has launched a Canadian forum that everyone with an internet connection can access, without providing personal information or having to wait in line. is a great place for all things medical.  With information topics such as travel, family planning/health, or general wellness to name a few, anyone can get professional information on common health issues via many forms.  The Expert Advice column allows patients to e-mail their question to a Naturopath, Pharmacist or a Nutritionist to get an answer about almost anything, even advice on aiding the removing of warts with Duct tape. 

 One of my favorite tools on this website is the Check Your Symptoms page.  Using an interactive map of a male or female, one can isolate problem areas and symptoms and find a list of possible illness’ that may be the cause of their specific issue. I had a chance to try this out this week, I checked out my symptoms on the site and it said there was a possibility that I had Strep Throat. Since the problem was not getting better I went to see a doctor and it confirmed that I do in fact have strep.

 This website offers valuable Canadian content including fitness tips, weight loss suggestions, quit smoking programs, and while this website does not replace a trip to the doctor or hospital, it can at least give you a direction as to what may be the problem and in many situations this can ease some anxiety.
There is even a
Health A-Z for every topic under the sun.  The next time you are not feeling 100%, you should check out At the click of mouse you have a great resource, specific for the health needs of every Canadian.  

You can also visit the My Health Reference Facebook page where they discuss great topics around health, wellness and plenty more! It can be a great resource to have handy.

My Health Reference


Tuesday 16th of February 2016

I really like this site! I am one of the many who REALLY do not enjoy visiting my doctor's office, especially with my kids. This site will help us cut down on some of the visits we would make there. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Christine (@chancesmommy)

Wednesday 15th of February 2012

Thank you for posting this. I was not aware of this tool.


Wednesday 15th of February 2012

I'll check it out!


Wednesday 15th of February 2012

This is interesting and useful but I don't think it differs much from WebMD even if the content is Canadian. When I read the first few lines of the post I was thinking it was going to be something fab like a way to make an appt that day but searching all the docs in your area that have openings, or walk-in clinics posting wait times or the ability to add yourself to the waitlist without having to go in and wait in the office.

This tool will still be very useful though!

Multi-Testing Mommy

Wednesday 15th of February 2012

This is great! Another Canadian resources regarding health issues - will definitely have to check this out!!!