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Lil’ Ocean Explorers 3 in 1 Adventure Course from Little Tikes

The Little Tikes Lil’ Ocean Explorers 3 in 1 Adventure Course is a toy that will keep your little one busy for hours.

The 3 in 1 Adventure Course will stimulate and entertain your baby.  When sitting, your baby will work on their fine motor skills with features like the submarine Peek-A-Boo door, the marine wall, ball drop periscope and multiple clicker knobs.

Adventure course sitting

However, the Lil’ Ocean Explorers 3 in 1 Adventure Course doesn’t just create fun play and learning for your sitting baby!  The Little Tikes Adventure Course grows WITH your child allowing them to learn new ways to play while they are crawling and standing!

When crawling, watch as your baby explores and discovers new ways to play with the different different features of the adventure course.

Adventure Collage

When your baby has mastered standing, they will hear sounds and phrases from their new octopus friend and will be encouraged to play and run when the octopus throws balls!

Each play station on the Lil’ Ocean Explorers Adventure Course is interchangeable and removable.

Adventure pieces

Available at: Sears, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart for $99.99.

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This post was brought to you by Little Tikes.

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