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Learning To Eat Real Food


Learning to eat real food is something that can feel overwhelming to say the least. When my husband and I started this journey on January 1st, 2014 we figured we would take it day by day or moment by moment.

{Be sure to read the “Trev says” & “Jody says” updates at the bottom of this post.}

I began sharing my daily food choices on Instagram. I started searching for other people who were sharing their #realfood journey. I soon realized that I had no idea what territory I was entering – I came across #paleo and #primal hashtags as well as many others. Here is the thing – this is new territory for me, all I know is that I am doing my best to eat real food even if I have no idea what method or plan it might fall under. I am sure as I continue on this journey I will learn more from people who are living a similar lifestyle, but for now I will just continue to share my journey even if I’m just in the infant stage of understanding.

Here are some of my instagram photos from the week:

These green beans and almonds were delicious!

Smoothies are a fantastic snack for the whole family.

Homemade “trail mix” is great to take along so we are always prepared.

Quinoa & mushroom stuffed peppers have become a new family favorite.

I love making healthy food look pretty for my little girls, and myself!

Since it is National Sweet potato month I made sure to try a few new recipes. This was incredibly good – and the sweet potato soup sure hit the spot this week too.


Jody Says: I attended the NMMblog conference this weekend – I was happy that they had fruit and vegetables available and with the nuts/seeds I brought along I managed to get through the weekend without any problems.

I do want to increase my water intake to at least 8 cups a day – I have no trouble having 5 cups a day, but if I get busy I find that I forget – I guess I will go back to setting a timer if I need too.

Trev Says: Happy update to you all. Here is what I have to say about this week. Once again my urges and cravings have changed. For example I had a real craving for banana bread (no, I did not have any). Now for me that is huge…because I was never a fan of banana bread. Normally it would be a Tim Hortons Boston Cream or a Maple Dip. I am getting to the point where that type of “food” is not appealing any longer. Instead I would like a wholesome snack food that is homemade and full of flavor.

As the primary chef in our home I came upon a new challenge this week where I had to make a healthy bbq sauce. Thanks to some flavored cider vinegar (thanks Prairie Oils and Vinegars), honey and a jar of tomatoes from this year, I made a great healthy sauce – once I make it a few more times I will be sure to share the recipe here with you.

One of the challenges I am starting to face is coming up with new recipes. Pinterest is helping to give me some inspiration.


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Nena Sinclair

Monday 3rd of February 2014

Everything looks so fresh, colorful and delicious!

Elva Roberts

Monday 3rd of February 2014

Thank you for this Post on Real Food. I, too, am trying to make sure my husband and I are eating healthier. We need all the healthy suggestions and recipes we c an get.