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General Mills “Green Banner” Line Up! #LMDconnector

Look outside everyone…its summer time and this is the time to get up and enjoy this short wonderful time of year when we do not have to bundle up to get the mail or go to the store.  I love being outside doing things I ordinarily would not do; skipping rope, running around the backyard, working in the boxed gardens, etc.  All these activities are fun, but they are also a part of starting a healthy lifestyle.  General Mills helps make the healthy choice a bit easier with their Green Banner campaign.

We all know that eating healthy is a part of being healthy and thanks to General Mills and their Green Banner campaign, you can find healthy choices that will help lower cholesterol.  Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Oatmeal Crisp are three cereals that are e a part of the Green Banner campaign.  These cereals are a healthy alternative to assist you in your healthy lifestyle campaign.  After all, isn’t Cheerios a favorite finger food of toddlers everywhere?!?

What makes these 3 cereals unique is their ability to assist in lowering bad cholesterol.  These cereals contain oat fibre, which helps lower bad cholesterol by a process that I don’t completely understand, however I do know that they taste great and I trust that they are a great way to help myself make healthier choices!

As with any lifestyle changes, you need to start with small steps. Changing to cereals with the Green Banner is a great start for me.  I may not be climbing kilimanjaro today, but like any journey it starts with one step, and this is the first one.

For yummy recipes using Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Oatmeal Crisp, as well as more info about lowering your cholesterol, you can check out