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Ford C-Max

Living in rural Manitoba, I remember back in high school when we would all go to Winnipeg for something to do.  We would drive to the city and drive all around Winnipeg for about $5.  Yup, an evening of entertainment transportation would cost $5.  And while I may have just given up my age, I can relive my teenage years by driving to Winnipeg for about $5.  Now how can this be…the Ford C-Max with new Hybrid technology.


To start with this is a multi facetted car that can run on gas, electricity or both.  To start with it comes with a 2 litre gas engine and a when fully charges an electric engine that runs at 195 hp.  The combined with the electronically controlled continues variable transmission (eCTV) it has got plenty of get up and go.  It was actually surprising the amount of pep this car had.  And the shifting was actually seamless to the point I did not know that it was even shifting.

Now one of the cool features of this car is the way it drives.  As stated before it has the option of driving with a combination of gas, electric or combination of.  When using a combination of both (standard operation) the gas motor will kick in as needed for things like acceleration, or when additional energy is needed for the  car to operate.  However if desired you can run strait electricity, however the battery will only last approx. 19 miles.  Once the battery has been exhausted the gas engine will kick in and will drive and charge the car.  The battery is also charged when braking.  There are even displays built into the car to help assist you to be a more energy conscience driver.  With this energy saving option, if you lived close enough to work, you could drive to work regularly and not spend a dine on gas, with an 8 hour charge.

Some of the other cool features of this car is the parking assist.  Yes even with this feature, anyone can parallel park.  Simply pull up along side the area you desire to park and let the car know you want to park.  It will sense when a spot is available for the car and will instruct you to pull forward and then place it into reverse.  You let go of the steering wheel (yes I said let go of the steering wheel) and let the car park itself.  At first it was quite freaky, however once I got used to it, I loved knowing I could get into the tightest places with little effort on my part.

This is a great medium sized car.  We drove for miles and did not have to worry about gassing up.  And the fact that I could drive this to work all week and know that I did not have to spend a dime on gas was a pretty cool feeling.  I could get used to that feeling and knowing that I am making this planet a little greener is a pretty awesome thing too.

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Chris H

Sunday 25th of January 2015

My next vehicle will definitely be a Hybrid/Electric... even if gas prices plummet below electricity prices!

donna snugglebuns dufresne

Saturday 24th of January 2015

atm I drive a 2010 ford fusion but this one seems awesome thank you for the review read