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Does your man have a “manly” ring?

Ten years ago when we were looking for a wedding ring for my husband, I soon realized that there weren’t many “manly” rings out there.

As we looked through the rings at our local jewelry store, I noticed a lot of shiny, bright, feminine looking rings.

Like most men, my husband wanted a symbol to show the outside world that he was married, but didn’t want to wear something day in and day out that was too feminine.

I had never heard of mens tungsten rings.  I don’t know if they were even around back then.  But these tungsten rings are a “manly” ring.  I actually love the look of these great rings.  Nothing says “manly” more than the silver/stainless steel color of these rings.

And if the silver/stainless steel color isn’t for you or your man, they also have black tungsten rings for men.  These rich black rings are the perfect ring for a man.

They also have rings with the combination of both colors.

If my husband ever lost his ring, I would definitely look into ordering one of these!

Paula Schuck

Thursday 1st of December 2011

Hi jodi: yes my husband's ring is manly I think. I am simply impressed after 18 years he has not yet lost it. He takes it off to do dishes. And to build wood furniture.

Paula @inkscrblr Thriftymommastips