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Do you add style to your face?

I have worn eyeglasses since I was a little girl.  Wearing glasses is all I know – I have never tried contacts! That’s right, never tried them!

I am thankful that both of our daughters have not needed prescription glasses although I don’t think they would mind if they had to. They are 5 & 2 and both of them LOVE to play dress-up and wear pretend glasses. The more sparkles, the better!

My husband used to wear glasses too. He had laser eye surgery 10 years ago and has perfect vision since – I’m happy that that worked well for him, but personally I like my glasses. Maybe because I am so used to them, but I also think of them as a accessory for my face! In fact I think glasses have been adding style for many decades! 

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I love getting new glasses. They kinda make me feel like a whole new person. I have never shopped for glasses online although it seems to be a growing trend that I may just consider. With many affordable options I may just take the plunge. 

Do you wear glasses? Have you purchased glasses online?

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Friday 8th of October 2010

I've needed glasses since 5th grade. I wore them until high school, then switched to contacts until I had my first son. My eyes got very dry when I was pregnant, so I went back to glasses. Like you, I like the "accessory" aspect of glasses, so I haven't been back to contacts.

My husband and I both got our last round of glasses from an online retailer. We each got 3 pair and the total came to just over $100. With that kind of variety and those prices, I don't think I'll be going back to buying from my eye doctor any time soon!


Monday 4th of October 2010

I agree I love my glasses but I love my contacts too. I wear them both equally. I usually shop for my glasses and contacts at BJ's optial department. A few months ago they had an awesome sale if you buy one box of contacts you get the glasses for only $45! My contacts are only about $13 a box so my total was around $6o. Frames, lenses and contacts for $60 made me extra happy!