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Fonts for your blog!

So I have an obsession with fonts- I love how you can tranform your blog and personalize it with fonts. I was going to write a tutorial on how to add fonts into your posts and sidebar titles- However it is very complicated to write and I just cannot compare to the simple tutorial on has written on how to achieve this.

I will however show you how to add cute fonts to your header using GIMP (don’t let it scare you away it’s a free program). Heres how you do it:

1- download your header from your blog by right clicking and selecting ‘view background image’. Once just the header pops up then right click again and pick ‘save image as’ and save it to your computer.

2- Open up gimp- and just simply drag the header from your desktop into the empty gimp window.

3- now select the text tool (which will be a black letter ‘A’) write your blog title.

4- now pick your font out the the list of fonts and adjust the size of it accordingly, you can also change the color of the font as well. and if you want to add a drop shadow to the text go to filters> light and shadow> drop shadow- then select the color of the drop shadow.

5- Once your font is in and it’s how you like it- go to edit> and save it.

6- now it needs to be uploaded to your blog, just go to your dashboard> design- which will take you to your page elements page. Once there go to the header and click edit, then upload your saved header from your desktop using the uploader- then select the option ‘Instead of title and description’ then hit save. and wala! you should have your custom font in your header!!

NOTE: also has a great selection of fonts to use- if you want help with how to install them onto your computer go here or here if you have a mac

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The Turolla's

Wednesday 16th of February 2011

Great Tutorial, apparently this has been a theme for me this last week! I guess I should get to work on all the new fonts I've been finding!


Monday 6th of December 2010

Thank you for the tutorial and the links. Fonts are so much fun and it's pretty easy for me to get out of control with downloading every one I find that strikes my fancy. Consequently, I never get to using any of them since there are so many to go through! :)


Saturday 9th of October 2010

Great post! Very informative. Keep up the good work.


Sunday 3rd of October 2010

Thank you for this! I don't know why i'm nervous about trying things out, lol. I finally decided to do a "test" blog to try out these kind of great tips!