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I am excited to share these chore ideas by age and free printable with you today. Children have been doing chores on Saturday morning since the world began, I imagine.  But what does your child LEARN by doing chores?

  1. RESPONSIBILITY ~ by giving your child a task and being clear that it is their job to complete the task, your child will learn responsibility.  With responsibility comes reward which is what older children will learn.
  2. WORK ETHIC ~ it is amazing how many teenagers and young adults do not have the dedication and work ethic to complete jobs now-a-days.  By instilling this trait early, you will raise a child whom employers will love to hire.
  3. TEAM WORK ~ by having children of ALL ages complete tasks in your home, you will show that by working together by breaking down larger tasks, the jobs will be completed sooner.  Many hands make light work!

Having your child participate in chores around the house and yard will help raise confident, independent children who will have the life skills needed to grow up and take on the world.

Parenting is a tough job and everyone wants to raise children that are capable of handling life’s ups and downs, but how do you know which chores your child can easily handle?

These CHORE IDEAS BY AGE are a great place to start!

Keep in mind that these chore ideas are obviously guidelines.  Some children will be able to complete chores in the age list above theirs while others will not yet be quite at the stage their age says.  Each home is different, and within that home, each child is different.

chore-ideas-by-age (2)


Click here for printable list

Do you have weekly chores that your children are responsible for?  Some parents also tack on allowance or some type of payment when it comes to chore completion.  What do you find works in your home?

Chores by age free printable

Looking for more ideas for chores? Here is a list of 49 ideas for chores you can check out.

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Marko @ Parent Support Hub

Friday 28th of April 2017

Great article! As you said kids learn responsibility, work ethic, and how to be team players. But most importantly by having kids helping you with different tasks you are promoting their independence. Your little ones can help empty the dishwasher or wipe off the table, if they want to help load the washer with dirty clothes or dust the floor, if they can put away the sandwich bread or set the table, etc. Older kids can help out, too. Instead, offer a list of tasks and ask them to pick 3 small ones or one big one. Small tasks include dusting, washing up dishes, putting laundry away, sweeping the floor, while big tasks could be mowing the grass, washing the car, or helping with grocery shopping.


Saturday 14th of January 2017

I love this!

caryn s

Sunday 7th of August 2016

I think doing chores is great for kids too as it builds character.


Sunday 7th of August 2016

Once I realised that it doesn't have to be done "perfectly" it became far easier to let our son do more chores lol

Linda H

Friday 5th of August 2016

I totally agree with having children doing chores and this is a good reference for what they could do by their age.