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Carving Pumpkins With Kids

carving pumpkins with kids

Last week we decided it was time to do the traditional family event that we do every October.  We hauled out the pumpkin and knives and started carving pumpkins with kids.  I am not sure who had the most fun, the kids or mom and dad.

It started with deciding what to carve into the pumpkin.  While the kids saw cool designs that looked like the working of an art gallery exhibit, we tried to explain that we had to be a little bit more realistic.  After looking at several easy to use templates on line we found the perfect design.  A cat overlooking the moon.  This seemed simple enough for our family.  We had a fun evening where we as parents let our children do more than just pick the design…we let them carve and clean out the guts.


We traced the design on the pumpkin and took a good look and went over the plan with our special carver.  She was just pumped for this special assignment and we showed her where to cut and explained to her that she had to take her time.  To me it was almost seen as a right of passage for our oldest daughter.  She took her special pumpkin carving knife and went to work feeling empowered after the quick pep talk.  The result was a success.  Daddy did help on some of the tough parts, but all in all she did not too bad.


The fun part… scooping out the guts.  An activity where the youngest could join in and get her hands dirty and play.  Often we tend to simply throw this out, but after we saved the seeds for roasting we decided to test out the Glad compostable bags with a compost bin.  We placed the contents into the bag and let it sit.  4 days later we observed a bin with little condensation on the lid and NO smell.  The moldy mess was contained with no leaks.  A great way to contain and manage a mess. (If you are interested in trying out the Glad liner, you can get a coupon). Carving pumpkins with kids can be a lot of fun, why not make it a family tradition.


Tell us about your carving adventures with your children. 

Do you see this as a Right of Passage for your children? 



Robin S.

Saturday 2nd of November 2013

After carving my pumpkins this year, I roasted the seeds with some seasoning salt and they were delish.


Wednesday 30th of October 2013

great design! we skipped the pumpkin this year. just going to admire everyone else's

Holly Messana

Wednesday 30th of October 2013

Wow awesome pumpkins, we just went freestyle on ours last night.....they are interesting!

jennifer aikens

Wednesday 30th of October 2013

I can't wait to start this tradition with my daughter. She is 1 this year but in a couple years we can start doing this! <3

Sara rai

Wednesday 30th of October 2013

One of the best part of Halloween. Everyone gets to be creative using their carving skills.