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This printable Canadian Bingo Game is perfect to celebrate Canada with all its rich history.

Bingo is a game that is can be played by anyone of any age. From a toddler matching images, shapes, or numbers to the elderly playing in care homes.

Canada is known for its many interesting landmarks and symbols. Ice hockey, beavers, Royal Mounted Police, and moose, are just a few.


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This FREE printable Canadian Bingo Game is perfect to share with friends and family, during your next get together or backyard BBQ.

All you will need for this FUN Canadian BINGO game is a few materials:

  • A Canadian Bingo card for each player.
  • A Canadian Bingo calling card.
  • tokens or Bingo dabbers to mark off the squares called.

Sit everyone down around the kitchen table. Hand out a Bingo card to each player. (Scroll down to download the Bingo cards. We have 5 different ones available!)

Make sure each player has 9 tokens, or a Bingo dabber.

Once you have cut out the squares of the Canadian Bingo calling card, place the folded up squares in a small bowl or hat.

Start by calling out the symbols. The first player to fill their card wins!

Download your Bingo Cards by clicking the picture below!

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