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Can teens write without technology?

Today I had a conversation with a banker about the youth of today and signatures.  The banker informed me that 9 out of 10 youth that come into the bank do not know what a signature is.  Initially I was shocked by this and wondered “how can kids today not know what a signature is”.  However upon deeper thought and explanation from my banking friend it dawned on me.  Kids today do not have to write anymore.

A signature is an individuals mark made up by writing one’s name in a similar fashion each time.  Now if an individual does not ever write, how will they learn to sign.  Today, youth do everything on the computer and rarely have to write.  Please do not get me wrong here.  I think computers are great and we would be lost without them.  Lives have become easier because of the advancement of technology.  Web forms have made acquiring information faster, and in some cases this speed can save money, time and lives.  However youth need to find a way to make their “marks”.

Hand writing is a dying art and I am not going to argue that this is good or a bad thing, but as we progress as society and become more and more automated we need to account for forms and how we will make our mark.  There is a form builder that lets people provide some type of e-signature in their forms.  This is a new welcome idea that will catch on and hopefully the banks will too.

Written by Trevor

Haley Keller

Wednesday 21st of September 2011

I have trouble believing this. I'm 18 and a senior in high school. We write all of the time. My government class just had to sign our signatures today on a test we took, and I know most of us sign it on a regular basis. I find it really hard to believe that most kids don't know what a signature is. Kids must be going to really rich schools if they never have to write. It doesn't make sense.

@Tara P. I live in Indiana, and I know I learned cursive. I'm pretty sure the schools where I live still teach cursive. I know that my little brother learned it a couple of years ago. Maybe that's just our school district?

Tara P.

Wednesday 21st of September 2011

A lot of schools in Indiana aren't requiring cursive anymore. So how on earth will the kids know how to write a signature? I guess they'll just have to print it. I can't believe kids won't be taught cursive. Guess I'll be teaching Carter myself!


Wednesday 21st of September 2011

Really? That's shocking that 9 out of 10 didn't know what a signature is. We don't have that problem here however. All the youth definitely know what it is, maybe the youth over there doesn't have to use one as much as the youth over here.Thanks for this post!