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Blow Dad Away this Father’s Day #Giveaway

Blown Away: A Year Through the Lens of The Tornado Hunter

Father’s Day is just around the corner and what are you considering getting dad this year.  A tie, soap on a rope or maybe an electric nose hair trimmer?  I have an idea that would get the attention of dads without breaking your pocketbook.  Greg Johnson is the author of the book Blown Away: A Year Through the Lens of The Tornado Hunter. Greg has years of photography experience while chasing tornado’s.  Greg has placed all these unforgettable photographs into a great book that the father(s) in your life will love.

In this book you follow the life of Greg as he chases tornadoes for a year through both Canada and the USA.  Traveling all the way from Texas, USA to his home province of Saskatchewan, Canada, Greg takes you on an epic journey while documenting his travels with his camera.

One of the first things you notice about this book is his gift of taking pictures and being able to show the beauty in some of Mother Nature’s most destructive moods.   The pictures are absolutely breathtaking and Greg is an expert in these tumultuous landscape shots.

When I first open this book and start flipping through the pages, the first thing I notice was the awesome power that devastated Joplin Missouri on May 11, 2011.  Greg has dedicated a chapter to a tornado that hit a town with great force.  So much force and so precise that a hospital was destroyed.  The most powerful image taken my Greg was an air ambulance that was flipped over and completely destroyed on the ground with a hospital with all the windows blow out in the background.

Even more powerful pictures of vehicles that have had their paint stripped or bark taken off trees because of the wind acting like a sandblaster is a very powerful reminder of how much we need to respect Mother Nature.

What better addition to any man cave or book shelf than a  photo book about something cool and manly like tornadoes. With all the fact, pictures and tips on photography the father(s) in your life are sure to love this book.

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Twitter:!/canadogreg   @canadogreg

Blown Away is available across Canada at Walmart locations as well as Relay stores in airports nationwide.  The book can also be purchased at Chapters/Indigo online where you’ll get the best price for it.

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One Lucky Mommy Moment Reader will win their very own copy of Blown Away: A year through the lens of The Tornado Hunter.

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Judy Williams

Sunday 24th of June 2012

texas chase april 22-25 2011_1974.jpg is an awesome photo.


Sunday 24th of June 2012

All of the Jopin photos resonate with me. Wow.

darla hassien

Friday 22nd of June 2012

The strawberries, lmao ;)....the green sky was pretty intense!

Jocelyne Alldrick

Friday 22nd of June 2012

2011 favorites---tornadohunter0028

Susana H.

Friday 22nd of June 2012

I liked the photo in 2011 favorites by tornadohunter_0009.jpg